September 18th, 2013 by Submitted

Jade Whirley getting back to his roots and building a winch feature that many would run away from.

Filmed and Edited by: Chase Sellmeyer

Produced by an alternative marketing company.
Commercial Production – Team Edits – Lifestyle – Location Marketing Specialist

Original music by Galen Currnes
Download “Running on Fear”:

Location: BSR Ranch

18 Responses to “Got Wood with Jade Whirley”

  1. AB Says:

    Hellyeah Jade!

  2. Lumber jack joe Says:

    #glad you #gotwood and can’t wait for you to #getrailed! Not the videos….

  3. John McGee Says:

    Nice Ryobi chainsaw

  4. Derek Cook Says:

    This is sick Jade! good hangin with ya last weekend

  5. Yolo Says:

    alliance needs to become way more exclusive with the videos they post.. these kind of videos are the ones that will hold back the wake industry forever. the thing is… any creativity is not good creativity.

  6. Agree Says:

    @Yolo agreed ^ The more people that don’t give 100% on ideas and execute them properly is lowering the standard for everyone in the sport.

  7. where's yolo Says:

    Where’s your vids yolo?

  8. not jade Says:

    this guy sucks at life even though he is semi decent at wakeboarding

  9. Nope Says:


  10. Haters=jeoulosy Says:

    Got hate in your heart let it out. Bunch of keyboard tuff guys

  11. No Room for Haters Says:

    Jade keep doing your thing, don’t listen to these idiots. YOLO probably doesn’t even know how to operate a winch much less have the balls to try something like this.

  13. langford Says:

    Yaaaa! Jade Whirley for prez.

  14. backlipgf Says:

    Next week, Jade nose presses his girlfriend!!

  15. rayfink Says:

    Jade liv’s too shred and he even coach’d me once and i thought he was terrible at that, so its hard to admit he’s still better and funner to watch then over half the pro’s out there. and he livs from park to park, if that aint loving what u do i dont know what is. all you fucking haters would have probably got slivers all over ur tiny ass weiners trying this shit. #makejadepro. and u fart sniffers would need a miracle to get a girl half as dope as jade’s gf.

  16. Jade Whirley Says:

    Hey everyone. Thanks for all the feedback. Good and bad it all keeps me going. Rayfink, I’m not sure who you are or why you continually bash my coaching on here, but I’d love to make it up to you. I’m sorry you had a bad experience, we all have bad days once in a while. Hit me up any time and ill do anything I can to Make it right.
    Thanks again to everyone who watches my stuff!!!

  17. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    Love to see a video of somebody passionate doing something they love! I think it is great to expose someone that is following their dreams.

  18. Justin Teich Says:

    Ya jade


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