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Graeme Burress hasn’t become the rail rider he is today without taking a few licks. This video is proof to that. Graeme Burress spent some time in the South and stopped by Terminus Wake Park and Jibtopia Wake Park for a bit of filming.

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12 Responses to “Graeme Burress at Terminus and Jibtopia”

  1. chad Says:

    Creative lines, hardway spins… Rail rider of they year, park rider of the year.

  2. J.b. ONeill Says:

    Killing it dude! so ballsy! insane!

  3. Justin Harrelson Says:

    Graeme’s falls are the best. I appreciate the fact that he will smash himself a couple of times to ride away from a nasty line. Nice work.

  4. boomsmack Says:

    definatlyh rail rider of the year

  5. That guy Says:

    Sick riding, but too bad the guy is one of the dooshiest dudes in the industry…

  6. semora local Says:

    so sick! killing it bro!

  7. Anthony W Ruch Says:

    That guy for doodhies dude not in our industry! Sick riding. Park rider of the year no doubt.

  8. Brad Mason Says:

    That guy haha bet if you said that to his face he make you feel like an idiot

  9. Jeff Mathis Says:

    a solid dude and a craaaaazy rider

  10. Chris Jones Says:

    how do you shred that hard with balls that big? do they not get in the way? jesus…

  11. Who cares Says:

    Had to watch this edit again because of how bad all the other videos on this website are! This is the only good edit on the first page! Have you sen jimmy L’s video?

  12. Joel from Texas Says:

    Major Ripper!!! No f@#%s given!! leaving a trail of destruction!!! Definitely making pretty party posers wanna find a new hobby!! Send me a pro model Hyperlite cause I wanna pretend like I can ride like this!!! We are going to be waiting outside That Guy’s moms house and put him in ICU!


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