Derek Grasman recently asked me via text message if I'd like to put up an Alliance blog about his personal blog. This came directly after a text message insulting me for having PS3 rather than XBox 360. I, of course, replied with the whole BluRay vs. HD DVD thing (ha! total winner!), but that's neither here nor there.

So I checked out Grasman's blog and was pretty shocked. Basically it just proves that all Derek is doing every day is going around the internet and then posting things he finds to his blog. If the kid still rides a wakeboard you couldn't tell it by his blog. I guess Derek's blog is kind of like Chase Heavener's… except that Derek is still a wakeboarder and Chase retired back when gloves were still commonplace…

So if you want to see what Mr. Grasman has been browsing on the World Wide Web check out his blog at:


P.S. Derek, The Dark Knight, Transformers and 300 on BluRay are SICK!!!