POLK CITY, Fla. (February 18, 2009) ~ If you are seeking a venue to complete, participate or host tournaments, clinics, practices or any type of grass roots event in your local community, you should become a member of the Grass Roots Program provided by USA Water Ski.  USA Water Ski plays a vital role in the awareness and growth of its nine sport disciplines to include Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, Show Skiing, Collegiate Skiing, Barefooting, Ski Racing, Hydrofoiling, Knee Boarding and Disabled Skiing. There is also a multitude of events available for Wakeskating and Wakesurfing enthusiasts.

The GrassRoots program serves as a pipeline for over 20,000 water sports enthusiasts’ members of USA Water Ski to enter the competitive end of the sport.  As a member you can compete, participate or even host your own GrassRoots events.  Last year over 212 events were hosted throughout the U.S.  This year USA Water Ski expects over 250 sanctioned GrassRoots events.

Members can easily search and even register to participate in GrassRoots events by visiting the “Event Search and Register” tab on USA Water Ski’s homepage (www.usawaterski.org ). If an event is using Online Registration, you can sign up directly online!
If hosting an event is something you would like to do, as an event organizer, the GrassRoots program looks to serve its affiliated clubs and individuals by providing a turn-key package that rewards you through budget-relieving incentives, as well as various marketing tools to help improve the quality of events and attract new members.  

A GrassRoots event can be sanctioned as an individual event or added to a higher classed tournament at no additional charge. In addition to the simplicity and time saved by hosting a GrassRoots event, the event organizer is entitled to more than $300 in benefits. Some of the benefits include: opportunity to order medals at a reduced price; $100 credit toward trophies, goodie bags stuffed with industry related materials; opportunity to use online registration; ability to print various marketing tools using the FedEx Kinko’s Docstore; ability to socially network on the new GrassRoots Facebook and MySpace pages; and the opportunity to showcase the event in USA Water Ski’s E-blast and The Water Skier.

Hosting a GrassRoots event is easy and fun.  Any USA Water Ski club can sanction a GrassRoots event online for only $25 by visiting the “Event Sanctioning” page (www.usawaterski.org/sanction ). The only required officials are a safety coordinator and a trained driver. Upon sanction approval, USA Water Ski will provide event insurance.

Additionally, for each GrassRoots member who signs up through a sanctioned event, USA Water Ski will give $5 to the local organizing club. The GrassRoots Membership is just one of the many benefits an event organizer receives for hosting a GrassRoots event.
So if you are ready to compete and support the growth of the water sports we all love go to www.usawaterski.org or www.usawakeboard.org  and become a member. For $35, a GrassRoots member can participate in an unlimited number of grassroots events (grassroots tournaments, fun days, clinics, practices and ski show exhibitions). GrassRoots members also will receive three issues of The Water Skier magazine, a Regional Guide and all of the additional benefits an Active member receives.
To learn more about the GrassRoots Membership or USA Water Ski’s GrassRoots Series, e-mail grassroots@usawaterski.org.
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USA Water Ski was formed in 1939 as a non-profit organization promoting water skiing in the United States. USA Water Ski is affiliated with the International Water Ski Federation (world governing body) and is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and Pan-American Sports Organization as the national governing body of organized water skiing in the United States.  For more information go to www.USAWATERSKI.org, © 2009 USA Water Ski. All Rights Reserved.