May 17th, 2012 by alliance

Alliance and AVE had a chance to take a few sets with the gang at MasterCraft recently…enjoy!

20 Responses to “Hanging with the crew at MasterCraft”

  1. ewww Says:

    Wake looks pretty washy.

  2. ?? Says:

    Harley killing it as usual…. WTF was that last trick

  3. Scott Mescudi Says:

    G23 makes that wake look like shit . Nautiques kill mastercrafts and so do their riders. So much more style

  4. Wesley Powers Says:

    Heel off.axis ole 7

  5. C2 Says:

    Scott Mescudi, that is the dumbest thing you could have ever possibly said… Not so much the wake part, but “their riders”… Harley throws bangers, parks is a wakeboarding legend, and youre an idiot.

  6. real Says:

    C2 he was talking about style not legends or hucked spins

  7. Patrick Karls Says:

    ^some of you make some of us sick

  8. The Spangler Says:

    Harley has a sick tech style, unless you have tricks better than him I would post your footie or otherwise be quiet.

  9. Max Says:

    Steel has style for days, and rides MasterCraft…

  10. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    Its no always a competition…can’t you just appreciate a good video and keep your lame comments to yourself…both teams have sick riders and both boats are sick…keep your negative comments to yourself!

  11. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    Last trick was actually a heel off axis Ole Back 9…Basically Harley’s HS Off axis Back 9 but the second handle pass was done Ole’ ;)

  12. shane Says:

    sick riding no doubt.

    but seeing a wake like that is not a good add for the boat.

  13. lachieb Says:

    hey real… post a vid of you w2w toe 7. im gonna say it looks way more hucked harley’s worst toe 10.

  14. ... Says:

    sick vid. sick riding.
    f#ck the haters.
    does anyone know the song name?

  15. Ralph Says:

    2013 XSTAR the legend reborn, let the new games begin …

  16. steveP Says:

    rustys double up was nasty!! and the wake does look pretty bad on the landing side.

  17. dood. Says:


  18. AVE Says:


  19. STEVE T Says:

    Wake looks super washy

  20. Gessner S Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song??


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