First off, It'd dad's day today! My dad and I are going golfing, grilling, wakeskating, and fishing before dark…what are you doing?

What tyype of gifts did you get? why aren't you spending time with dad right now?
So check it out, in other news, my new matters article has just printed in the July issue on page 52. This is a great story…I made that board by glue-ing 11 fins on the tip of an ancient wakeboard, and actually just put it in my trash can last week (where boards that resemble the prototype belong). So I'm doing some late night laundry and I see this car sitting on my curb and loking suspicious. I went out front to investigate. When i got a good view, I saw the driver of the car slam his tailgate shut and drive off. Guess what was missing? The board with 11 fins that i put in the trash can! Someone is actually taking that board home and planning on riding it! thrash thief; if you are reading this I advise you to immediately destroy this board before it destroys your riding.