March 28th, 2011 by Patrick Wieland
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Harley Clifford recently got his new Mastercraft X-star and we had to go check it out. Harley was nice enough to put on a little show for us as he took his first set… INSANE!

Harley Clifford recently got his new Mastercraft X-star and we had to go check it out. Harley was nice enough to put on a little show for us as he took his first set… INSANE!

45 Responses to “Harley Clifford’s New Boat and First Set.”

  1. Flax Says:

    Love this KID!!!

  2. Zak Swain Says:

    is this real life?

  3. Michael Hanson Says:

    not human

  4. Reeder Says:

    a bridge on lake Holden?

  5. Luker Says:

    Double grab heel 3 at 2:25 > than the crow 7

  6. sick Says:

    You love saying sick ! but i guess you can cause your riding is real sick !

  7. Justin H. Says:

    He totally missed the grab on that FS 900–what a goon.

    Otherwise, it was pretty good. :-)

  8. Yup. Says:

    all and all it still seemed really twirly and handle-pass/contest oriented. just checkin tricks off the list. where’s the straight-airs at? I’m sick of this gymnastics crap. Tail-backside 180 was the only cool move he did.

  9. Yup. Says:

    actually that tail-back-cork 5 into the flats was ill too. he shouldn’t be allowed to talk tho.

  10. ricky Says:

    its truly rare to see someone so technical have so much style as well

  11. Austin Hair Says:

    Yeah Harley, ripping! truly inspirational bro.

  12. Yup Says:

    Wait I realized I am an idiot. And I don’t really know the meaning of the word cork. And I realized that wakeboarding can only start being cool when we stop trying to copy snowboarding verbatim. We just look stupid trying to be them. Man I am glad I realized all that. Sorry about those first two posts, and excuse my poor taste in everything trick related.

  13. hmmm. Says:

    yeah, wakeboarding needs more names like whirly bird, and tootsie roll, so we can be so different from snowboarding, and give them something to make fun of wake for.. and make wakeboarding less of a legitimate sport than it already is..

  14. anonymous Says:

    Because wakeboarders are desparately seeking the approval of snowboarders. As of right now, we are only attempting to be legit… yeah…right… why should we care what snowboarders think?

  15. Trevor Stewart Says:

    i feel like most wakeboarders are snowboarders…

  16. BRENNER Says:

    Who ever said wakeboarding is trying to be snowboarding? The fact is more detail is needed to name a trick in wakeboarding, unless you like calling a whirlybird a heelside-backflip-with-an-over-the-head-backside-360-spin. As far as Im concerned the riders out there inventing new tricks can call them whetever they want. and Yup, every sport is about progression. whether you add more style to a seemingly basic spin or do something nobody’s ever done, give credit where credits due. Every rider who has ever had a video on alliance deserves to be there, because they actually went out and rode, filmed, edited, and didn’t talk anonymous smack from their desktop. its getting warm out, go wakeboarding.

    sick riding Harley.

  17. Trevor Stewart Says:

    your right tho YUP, straight airs are way cooler than all of those tricks he just threw.

  18. JEFF SPICOLI Says:

    Oh so trevor I guess your profile picture is wayyy cooler than crow 7s, back 9s, double grab 3s, huge tail roll to blinds….yeaaahh….way to go man

  19. JEFF SPICOLI Says:

    Oh and by the way, Harley keep doing your thing! You blow my mind!

  20. a fan Says:

    Insane thing about harley is he could make a “freeride” part to rival Benny G, Watson etc aswell as doing pretty much every trick in the book. Tail roll to blind well into the flats for example!!
    even his tech stuff is so well grabbed its crazy. look at the poke he puts on those heel/ toe sevens.
    No one is coming close to putting down all those ehammers in one set. I cannot believe anyone would have a bad word to say about this clip. ridiculous

  21. grant Says:

    I saw this post and I was like..dood YES!

  22. Simon D Says:

    IMO if you dont like what you see DONT watch it and DONT comment.

    Harley that was INSANE keep rippin. keep pushin the sport you blow everybodys mind when they watch its incredible to try and think how you do it congrats on everything, goodluck this year and your boat looks sick!

  23. Trevor Behler Says:

    Yup. These Types of Discussions are Good for The Sport. Wakeboarding is Snowboarding on Water.

  24. NObuddy Says:

    i hate the name wakeboarding…so wack, lets start over

  25. hmmm. Says:

    skateboarding is #1 all others look best if a skate style is applied.. not figure skating, or diving..

  26. Trevor Stewart Says:

    i was being sarcastic…

  27. Jamie Daniel Segner Says:

    nosegrab crow 7 haha unbelievable

  28. Will Gunn Says:

    Insane. So many hammers…and was that a BS 9 at the end???? :) Feeling a bit sorry for the keyboard warriors who didn’t enjoy that.

  29. jack harrop Says:

    Ok every single person I ride with all summer wakeboards and snowboards. Just because you snowboard doesn’t mean you should WACKboard. Have fun with it. Its not about who can double fliptwist first… its about who can back 1 tail of a dub. Trevor behler is the one who tought me about the most imporatanat rule and that’s style first. MWP

  30. Nick Boville Says:

    I’m just gonna throw this out there….but could it be possible Harley is an alien from some advanced wakeboarding planet….
    Super shredder, love watching him ride…technical and has such smooth style! Well done good sir…..or whatever you are….

  31. Trever Maur Says:


  32. Blake Carmichael Says:

    if you hate on the riding in this video you deserve to never wakeboard again

  33. jack harrop Says:

    I don’t wakeboard I waterbooard

  35. Trevor Stewart Says:

    not alien, aulstralien

  37. Nick Boville Says:

    haha!!!!! Quality Trevor……true quality work right there!!!!!!

  38. Toby Ogden Says:

    lucky kid.. i actually sponsored him back in the day with ENVY skateboards.. he was a ripper back then too

  39. Geoff Isringhausen Jr. Says:

    Best wakeboarder to ever live, this guy!!

  40. Tristo Gange Says:

    Amazing video, it’s put together really well!
    Harley killing it as always! The new XStar is a killer machine!
    I was just wondering if you could tell me the name of the song used? It’s such a hammer of a track!

  41. Patrick Wieland Says:

    Pretty Lights- High School Art Class

  42. Ian Says:

    just cause he doesnt wear a t-shirt when he rides doesnt mean he doesnt have style. it might not be quite as unique as Randall’s or Watson’s, but its still there.

    …p.s. i would like to see some good methods or nuke grabs tho.

  43. jami Says:

    wow, that boat is amazing. I’ll take one (:

  44. Matthew Peevy Says:

    I could sell all of my wakeboarding gear and and be perfectly content with just watching videos of this kid ride. Great vid Alliance. Keep on delivering.

  45. Jessica Burkett Says:

    I got to ride with this kid yesterday and it was seriously insane because he is my all time favorite wakeboarder and a dream come true for me… to meet him and watch him ride!


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