I've instructed Matt Manzari to call me first when he lands new bangers. As the editor of Alliance Wakeskate, I feel that I should have my finger on the pulse of wakeskating and Matt seems to be the kid who's pushing the envelope the hardest. So when my phone rang yesterday and it was Matt on the other end, I knew this was going to be good. Ok, so actually I missed the call and he left a voicemail saying he has a new trick for me, so i was uber-excited when I called him back.

Are you ready for this? Matt landed, behind the jetski, a varial flip rewind. If you are having trouble wrapping your mind around this, check out Chris Haslam's section in the Almost video–that's where Matt came up with the idea. Nick Taylor was quoted as saying it was "the most technical thing" he'd ever seen on a wakeskate. And knowing Matt, he'll probably do it wake to wake sometime next week.