September 20th, 2013 by Spencer Norris

If you haven’t met Dominik before, then you should probably sit down for this one. The only thing heavier than the new set up at Lake Ronix is how Dominik destroys it.

28 Responses to “Have You Met Dominik Hernler?”

  1. Jose Carlos Rosa Says:

    that setup looks soo nice

  2. Corey Miller Says:

    hell yeah that toe back 1 on to transfer back noseblunt was so filthy!

  3. AB Says:

    Dominik and Kasaen S have been my fav jib riders to watch this year

  4. AB Says:

    Kaesen S my bad for spelling

  5. The Debut Says:

    We’re proud that you’re a part of THE DEBUT!

  6. ok Says:

    thats the path wakeboarding should take ! nice creativity Dom . looks nice to be on the Ronix team these days , man what a flippin lake !

  7. Bill Dance Says:

    What kind of voodoo magician built this setup?

  8. KeepItOriginal Says:

    Nice edit and great riding, but it seems like we are seeing the exact same setups in all these edits nowadays. Not to take anything away from this guy, but its just time for some new setups. Maybe next year there will be a new wave of obstacles that we see in 20 different edits.

  9. Rock Says:

    Keep it original, I’m not sure if you watched the same vid we did or if you have actually seen other parks and their setups, but Lake Ronix hands down has the most innovative, “original” set up of features up to date. Jibtopia and BSR both have step up/ step down bi levels which are amazing, but not like this. The Ronix team is a level above in their products and in this S2 park setup. Just when you think there is only so many ways they can setup the features they come up with something unreal and top everyone else. Panokos and the unit team are genius when it comes to “keeping it original”. My suggestion is to actually pay attention to detail when you decide to criticize this setup because your way off my friend!

  10. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    Holy sh%t that was tight!! Sauber Domi!

  11. dave Says:

    awesome, but that color correction looked like poop

  12. Nick Boville Says:

    WOW….super shredding! So fun to watch!!! I would give my dominant nut for a weekend of riding at that lake!!!! Park looks so fun and he owned it!

  13. keepitoriginal Says:

    “rock” though you said you dont normally comment… you should keep it that way because you consistently sounds stupid

  14. Rock Says:

    Keep it original, it’s ok pal you always fear what you don’t understand. And you clearly don’t understand. And it’s impossible for me to ” sounds” stupid to you because your reading what I type, not listening to what I say. Don’t worry I’m not going to type that your stupid and then have it backfire cause I can’t type the word sound. Your saying that when I comment I make more than one sound? Because you used that word as a plural adjective, when I type I don’t make “sounds” and when I speak I only make one sound which is a singular adjective. Or are you using the word in the past tense because that doesn’t make sense either.

    I’m stupid??

  15. kyle gardner Says:

    that was some narly shredding so sick!!!!

  16. Bill Dance Says:

    Hey Rock… “You’re”

  17. Manu R Says:

    Siiick edit you are killing it toni !

  18. Massi piffa Says:

    Hell yeah Dom killing it

  19. Rock Says:

    I am the god of grammar here to ruin another edit’s page with my comments so don’t misspell anything or I will write you a book about it. Try me.

  20. KeepItOriginal Says:

    Im not sure who the other “keepitoriginal” (all lower case) is, but all Im saying is I could go through the edits from this season and basically find identical setups in numerous edits. Ex. 1- kicker to wallride (shredtown, raph, and a couple more this year) Ex 2. side by side pipe with single pipe kicker in the center (shredtown, kaesen S.) And thats just off the top of my head. Once again, not hating on the riding because he slayed it….. Just saying when the level of riding is this high, its not worth hitting the same setups…. I totally agree that UNIT and Pat have taken the rail riding world to a new level and that one huge obstacle that was at Wake Open is a glimpse of the future… Maybe Im just a fan of the build it and shred it mentality.

  21. namethief Says:

    someone is stealing usernames and commenting in their stead.

  22. bandit Says:

    soooo sick!! great edit

  23. T-dog Says:

    yea toni! killin it. sickest edit

  24. Rock Says:

    Everyone, I want to apologize for my comments, it really is not my style to comment like I did. I have admiration for those who just left it alone, I wish I would have,
    Sincerely sorry, I was being an idiot for sure.

  26. CollinHarrington Says:

    Some serious shredding right there. Excellent work Dom!

  27. ColtonBrockBank Says:

    This hands down is one of the most gangster videos I’ve seen! For sure up on top vids nominees for surf expo and the Wake Awards next year. SUPER Dope. Yepppp. Tight…

  28. Koolkid Says:

    Where in Florida is this “Lake Ronix?”
    Does anyone have a contact for anyone there that they could pass along?


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