So we’re watching the playoff games at my house today and Drew Brees just got nailed. The Bears can bite me. J-Man just walked in the door and an ex-prfessional wakeboarder by the name of Lauren Loe is sitting on the couch. She’s been retired for a few weeks now and busy cutting her friend’s hair, but here’s what she has to say about her 9-year career:

A: Do you miss wakeboarding?
LL: No. I don’t miss it itself, but I am going to miss the people. But I’m ready to turn the page to a new chapter.

A: What have you been doing in the time that you usually allotted to wakeboarding?
LL: Working at Wazzabi (a sushi restaurant) and I’m going to start school next month.

A: Do you ever think you’ll come out of retirement?
LL: No.

A: Was there anything you would have liked to do in wakeboarding that you didn’t?
LL: A 1260 while baking a cake at the same time.

A: Who is the most underestimated female rider?
LL: I don’t really like that question.

A; If you were a football player what position would you play?
LL: I think a kicker.

A: Why?
LL: Because I think I could kick. Who’s the person who throws it under there?

A: The center, would you want to be that guy?
LL: Yeah, I think so.