Here we are packing up our bags, getting ready to hop a 50-hour train ride from Bellingham, WA to San Diego, CA. If you don't have a map in front of you right now, that's from top to bottom. We hitched up here and we were going to hitch back but we are down to the wire working on web and video. We are going all out this time around, that's right kids — no holding back. This year is setting up to be the biggest year for Homeless yet. We have a couple fresh faces aboard our crew, along with some old ones. I’m sure you've all heard of Ben Horan by now and if you have not, well, he’s our latest edition. Ben has the opener part in our new film, Beans and Rice … you have to check him out, ridiculous skateboard style. Another person joining us you might not have seen is a Nor Cal rider, Justin Fisher, he rides flex boards strictly and is killing it! It should be another overwhelming year I'm sure with Josh Jansson filming and Rodrigo Donoso taking photos, plus the Homeless crew of Kyle Murphy, Brandon Rau, Tim Kovacich, Silas Thurman, myself and I'm sure many others. Funk will be driving the winch, of course, who else would fit the job? So our mission: to destroy California in a way it has never been destroyed. Were going to be driving a donated van from Kristian Kastari who passed away this year, we are dedicating the movie and trip to him and his family. R.I.P. Kristian Kastari.

I am extremely honored to say Liquid Force, Nike, Straight Line and Skull Candy are sponsoring the trip and you will be getting quality and very informational updates weekly here at Alliance. For more on the Homeless Crew and the trip check out