Justin Fisher has become Level 5 Vegan, which means not only does he not eat meat/dairy, he won’t eat anything that casts a SHADOW! In other news, we're in San Luis Obispo and it’s 5-8-07. Brandon Rau said, “We're no longer in the town of subdued excitement, now my home is the 101 freeway, in the Golden State … California (Florida is the Sunshine State). Back with the Mexico crew, well some of the anyway. So far on this trip totally tubular tricks have been done on wakeskates, Walt pissed all over himself and all over the car on the 40-hour train ride down to Murph's from Seattle to Oceanside. Josh got two bangers down a spillway, both within a few pulls. Funky has clocked in over 100 hours of winch driving. Murph and Fish have blasted through rocks, grinded rocks, and dropped big gaps over rocks. This trip should be dubbed The Rocky Water Horror Show. Every spot we have been to so far has been certain death, with one false move or one false slaysh. Also I’ve had enough BEAN AND RICE burritos to feed the Spanish Army, during the Spanish Revolution. So far, mission accomplished.