I don’t know if you guys have heard, and I don’t want to shock anyone, but Terrell Owens may have tried to swallow some pills and commit suicide. There was a little snippet about it in the news last night, they just glazed over it really quickly. There hasn’t really been any conjecture as to what happened or why, but I’m sure when they stop covering the more important news, we’ll get some details or opinions on what happened with T.O.

In our world, alliancewake.co.uk is updating their website, so if you’re looking for wake info from abroad, that’s a good place to get it. They’ve also got the new Alliance Wakeboard UK video, 1Fifty1, for sale on their site. Get it wake junkies.

J.D. Webb is going to jump over a fountain in the middle of downtown Orlando on Saturday, check this site over the weekend for some pictures of the stunt. Pretty crazy, the take off to landing is about 80 feet, and he’ll be probably 30 or so in the air. No video though, you’ve got to wait for the Discovery Channel Show Stunt Junkies to see it. I’ve said junkies twice today, do you feel dirty?