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Since everyone in the UK drives on the wrong side of the road, they like to do back 9’s a little different as well. What do you think?
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21 Responses to “HOT… or NOT? Cuffed Back 9”

  1. TheSpangler Says:

    That’s frigging sick, reminds me of the slurpee! Toeback 9 is heavy!

    Some good riding going down in the UK!

  2. share the stoke Says:

    I freakn hate ‘Hot or Not…’ y’all are painting the audience before we can even see the vid. It ain’t fare man. (i’d rather watch this progression and fun stoke than a too cool for school pro talking about how he’s way rad)

    … to point, its a back 9 damn it, harder than trying to poop after eating bananas all day. and he came in cuffed?! i dont know how he didnt catch his edge draggin them big brass nuts. I’d like to see cuffed 7 with a blind landing, toss a grab in there, and you got super steeze cheese.

  3. Justin H. Says:

    If it is okay to pass the handle on the ramp (not spinning of course). Then it is okay to cuff (or whatever you want to call it). I think it is cool to see cable and wake influence each other back and forth.–I’m going HOT on this one.

    If this catches on, I guess Troy did get the last laugh.

  4. Yeah! Says:

    The difference between doing this trick “wrapped” v “cuffed” is a matter of grip… Personally i prefer the cuffed, allows him to cut harder at the wake, he’s fully blind to the take off, and most importantly its something different.

    I kinda agree w share the stoke, “hot or not” just invites haters. Who’s running the show over at alliance these days? Hope its not that wakezeachy d boy, calling you out for grabbing indy 3 inches too far to the left ;)

  5. Hot Says:

    So sick! I hate when people claim that certain things are “cheating” in the sport when really its just different. We have wrap handles and people pre spinning on kickers. If you do or use these different techniques who cares if its hot or not. The stoked look on this guys face after he claimed this trick tells me its hot to him. That’s kinda all that matters.

  6. John Haile Says:

    Who cares if its hot or not? Have fun and spread stoke!!!

  7. Andy Nintzel Says:

    SO SICK! I call it HOT. In my eyes no different than wrapped spin. It’s flat, it’s clean, it’s a thing of beauty. Made me go out and start trying ts bs 5’s this way.

  8. Eh Says:

    If you’re going to cuff It then you should at least throw a grab in there, thankfully it’s not a whirly-transfer though

  9. Andrew Says:

    I think it’s good to see people trying new things in wake boarding and progressing the sport . Haters gon hate!

  10. hmm Says:

    Man, all of those hybrid nose/tail grabs are SICK!!! Tindy’s, Nelon’s, Nute’s, and Talefish. PROGRESSION!!

  11. share the stoke Says:

    And! lets not forget that he’s a Brit. Poor bastard probably rides in the rain half the time.

    …”And we were happy to have it!”

  12. joe joe Says:

    He’s Irish youzzzz dopes!!!! And yes its Hot.

  13. The joe jones Says:

    Does Zane receive royalty checks every time sum one edges at the wake cuffed?

  14. Rodney Says:

    HOT! Serious hammer thrown down right here.

  15. cactusjib Says:

    Who cares how hard it is. It looks terrible. I say NOT.

  16. Ronan Says:

    This is completely different to a wrapped trick. The cut feels way different. Grabbing this slows the rotation. It would have to be a grabbed back 7. And yes he is Irish.

  17. GP Says:

    Not in the UK dickhead. Get it right.

  18. share the stoke Says:

    Says UK in the title. but i am a dickhead, cock strong too…

  19. Andrew F Says:

    lol no

  20. Sascha Peschl Says:

    Uh, guys? Ireland is IN the United Kingdom. But GP is apparently good at calling names but not being accurate. If ignorance is bliss he must be happier than a camel on hump day.

  21. GP Says:

    Ireland is not in the UK. You’re thinking about Northern Ireland. You deserve to be called a name for your innacurracy, but you already look a prick


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