You know that feeling you get when you come home starving your butt off after a long and hard day of work, but all you have in the fridge is a jar of mayonnaise and you go ahead and you eat half the jar because you are just that hungry, only to remember your disgust for the condiment so you try to go work it out of your system by spending an hour on the stair master? Well, that is the complete opposite feeling you will probably get when you see the new Humanoid Oracle Flex 140!

The Oracle Flex series excels in a variety of liquid environments. It's time to butter, bonk and slaysh anything in the park or behind the boat. Designed and engineered for performance, reliability, and versatility, the Oracle Flex has ridiculous pop, super soft landings and a consistently smooth flex from end to end.

The Oracle Flex offers you:

+ An exclusive Schapes Design

+ New Indestructoid Formula

+ 1 year warranty

+ Hand made by machines


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