It’s no surprise that Cable Parks are making a big splash here in the US.  The OWC is going off, a couple new Wake Parks are opening this season and we are catching up to over 30 countries that have multiple Wake Parks.  These Wake Parks, located in places as far away as South Africa, the Philippines and Germany are the stomping grounds for some of the sports most talented athletes.  Riders drive this sport and they drive manufacturers to be the best they can be, Hyperlite Team riders have pushed for a Cable Team and we’ve listened!  Hyperlite’s Cable Team will be comprised of athletes from our A-Team, Legion Team and It Girls Team and be a worldwide representation of Wake Park Athletes.   The goal of the Cable Team is to promote Hyperlite as the board of choice for the Wake Park ride-style and to push us to develop the best boards, boots and other products necessary for cable ripping.  Our Fab Four consists of athletes from the States, the Netherlands, UK and Israel.  If you haven’t heard of these names before you’re sure to in the future.   Check out for athlete profiles and the latest news about our Cable Team.  

Cable Team Athletes
Nick Davies
Mike Ketellapper
Donald Shelbrick
Lior Sofer

Hyperlite’s Cable Team and A-Team members will be descending on the CWC for the Cable World Championships later this month and we wish them the best!