Hyperlite Podium Payback Program – It’s finally here…the long awaited contingency program that will start giving back to athletes who support and ride Hyperlite product and earn their way to a podium finish. A program like this is an industry first. The idea, which stemmed from Amateur Motocross, will outline specific events around the nation where riders are eligible to earn Hyperbucks or cash from Hyperlite. The Hyperlite Podium Payback Program is designed to give back to loyal customers and talented riders who work hard to make podium finishes at major events. www.hyperlite.com will have more information regarding this program in the near future.

Legion Team – Does it ever seem like something is missing in competitive wakeboarding? Like a road to get to the next level of sponsorship or a means of getting your name heard and in front of the public. Well, I introduce to you the Hyperlite Legion Team. This is a specialized team that will enable next level riders to build equity in their name by being exposed to both fans and retailers. Hyperlite has allotted twenty-five slots to be filled by the top regional riders around the U.S. This Team will be hand picked and developed by myself and the Hyperlite regional representatives. Already working with the best riders in the world, I will select who is to be part of the Legion Team. This team will be separate from the 9 Pro Riders and they will be utilized as foot soldiers at boat shows, clinics, rail jams, and many other events in order to help them get noticed. Corporate Hyperlite and I will work closely with these riders to cultivate them into successful athletes.

Polk Audio – Hyperlite and Polk Audio have begun to collaborate on marketing promotions and strategies. Polk Audio has shifted some energy in order to become involved with the marine industry. Additionally, they have asked Hyperlite to help them understand the culture of wakeboarding and recreational watersports, thereby easing their transition into the industry. Hyperlite has developed custom Polk Audio Wakeboards that were displayed at the SEMA Electronics show in Vegas this year. The boards managed to get pictured in Truckin’ Magazine. Look for more partnership promotions from Polk Audio and Hyperlite in the future.

Josh Palma – Hyperlite has started the process of making an impact within the apparel side of our industry as well. By partnering with “The S Group” out of Portland, Oregon, Hyperlite has taken the first step towards a serious approach in this direction. The latest effort came when Josh Palma, who has been riding Pro for 2 years, signed a multi-year contract with Hyperlite as the first Apparel Rider. The apparel line will have a spring/summer release and a fall/winter release. Look for fresh new stuff to be rotating through distributors worldwide.

We’ll have more soon…

– Lamos