State of Wake:  One of the newest Social Networking Voices in the Pro Wakeboarding Community

Febuary 17, 2010 – (Orlando, Fl) – Pro wakeboarder Shawn Watson is excited to announce the launch of his personal blog, State of Wake ( State of wake will follow Shawn along his journey throughout the Wake and Action sports world. The site is run by Shawn himself and updated frequently from the road.

The goal for the blog is to be a behind the scenes look into the life of one of the world’s most accomplished riders and to document his journey throughout the wake world. Shawn has plans to create much of his own content for the site, providing video and photos from his brand new set up of photo and video equipment.

A project years in the making, Shawn was recently quoted as saying, “I’m stoked to finally have an outlet to keep all of my fans up to date with me and my schedule as well as promoting new products and events for sponsors that have supported me throughout my career.”

Shawn’s List of sponsors include: Liquid Force, Monster Energy Drink, Billabong, Dragon, Kustom Footwear, Skullcandy, Performance Ski and Surf and Nautiques.

Career Highlights:
2008 Carnival Rail Champ
2007 Red Bull Winch Rail Masters – 1st place
2006 Pro-Am Championships – 3rd place
2004 Pro Wakeboard Tour, Reno – 3rd place
2003 Pro Wakeboard Tour, Orlando – 1st place
2003 Pro Wakeboard Tour, Detroit – 1st place
2003 WWA National Championships – 2nd place
2002 WWA National Championships – 1st place
2002 Pro Wakeboard Tour, Orlando – 1st place
2002 Pro Wakeboard Tour, Irvine – 3rd place
2000 WWA National Championships – 1st place
1999 Rookie of the Year