April 28th, 2005 by admin

We live in an ever shrinking world in a time of increasing global inter-dependence and split-second communication. I don’t really know what all that means, but I know that this is the third article I’m writing about my trip to Wales last summer, so that must be the reason. First I had to write one for our British magazine, Alliance UK, then I had to write an American version for our magazine, and now the web story. But this final story is just to make you aware that I wrote the middle story and it’s in the May issue of Alliance, so it’s going to be a short one. Here we go …
    I woke up in Manchester one afternoon and noticed that Ben Greenwood was standing next to me. Apparently someone had put us on a plane and not told us where we were going. We thought they said we were going to England, but we ended up in Wales for a week. Wales was nice, very green, but the people don’t all speak English. It’s weird because the country is right near England, but they don’t all speak the language. It would be as if people in Canada spoke French or something.
    We went for a contest that turned out to be more of a concert. Not like a jazz-fest or an arena rock show, but like a big, three-day disco where there happened to be some wakeboarding going on. And you know what I discovered? I liked it a lot. You should read the story because I give several secrets to my dancing prowess and basically break down, step by step, how to rave. There’s also a sequence of a British guy named Christian Thom sliding the biggest rail you will ever see anyone slide on a wakeskate. Cheers.

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