Alliance Wakeboard Magazine: Osage Beach? You’re in Missouri. Where’s the beach?

Wake Effects (Ryan Werner): Osage Beach is the name of the City directly in the center of the Lake of the Ozarks, “The Heart” of the lake. Lake of the Ozarks is considered one of the most popular vacation and second home destinations in the entire Midwest, and it is one of North America’s largest man-made lakes. There are over 1,200 miles of shoreline so the lake is large enough to accommodate the crowds. We’re centrally located in the middle of Missouri and have second home residents from all over the US.

A: When did Wake Effects start selling boards and boats to the beautiful people of Osage Beach?

WE: We opened in March of 2010, and are now pumped to be entering into our third season.

A: What’s it like having a dealership so close to one of the best lakes in the country?

WE: Surreal, our entire team has an engraved passion for the water and water sports! We’re a group of true Lake Rats (Locals). We earn our keep during the day, and after the workday is done you’ll find us enjoying the water in one of our favorite coves or many restaurant/bars on the water. The Lake of the Ozarks is an amazing community; there are so many different types of vacationers that visit and own property at the lake that you never know who will walk in your doors. I wouldn’t pick anywhere else to have a dealership of this caliber. We get to live the best of both worlds, a real true lake life.

A: Lake of the Ozarks is a massive lake. Can you tell us where the secret riding spots are on the lake? Don’t worry; we wont say a word. 

WE: Depends. Are you buying a boat? If so, we’ll break out the blindfold every now and then for the right customer. We would take you, but we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to find it again. For us, it depends on the day, time, and wind direction; we would at least give you directions to our second choice.

A: What boats call your dealership home and why?

WE: Well only the best of course! MasterCraft is our bread and butter, offering the performance, craftsmanship and ride quality our customers deserve. Our lake is sometimes referred to as one of the “roughest” lakes in the country, due to the number of large performance boats and variety of 40’ plus cruisers. MasterCraft’s X55 can handle our lake’s biggest weekends with ease and comfort, while adding an element of “family fun time” with its variety of watersports opportunities. We’re now proud to offer one of the classiest and most recognized boats made as well, Chris Craft Boats. Chris Craft is the perfect addition to our dealership offering our customers the craftsmanship and quality our customers have come to expect from our dealership.

A: Being located near such a big body of water, how important is boat service to your business?

WE: Service to us is an absolute must. In our book it’s number 1! If you don’t offer top-notch service before and after the sale you might as well close your doors! You buy boats to enjoy them with your family and friends. There’s nothing worse than being at the lake on a gorgeous day and the boat has problems. Being able to respond to our customers needs in a timely manner keeps our customers enjoying every bit of their lake time.

A: What about the product for the riders? What wake brands can we expect to see when we walk in the front door?

WE: We offer top of the line products from a variety of manufactures including Ronix, Hyperlite, Fox, Billabong, Excel, Ten-80, Kustom, Sanuk, Spy, Anarchy, Angel Vision, Sun Bum, just to name a few. Our Pro Shop specializes in meeting and exceeding our customers’ overall watersports needs and wants. We’re always adding to the product line and listening to our customers’ requests for new and innovative products.

A: Wake Effects has three very unique mascots. Tell us who they are.

WE: Yes we do and trust us, if one of them is missing for the day we might have disappointed customers. We have Kidder and Connelly our twin sister black labs that are always waiting to greet you or possibly get stepped on as you enter our shop. They are only two years old and a pair of the friendliest most laid-back dogs you’ll ever meet. Then we have our troublemaker Max, the double yellow-headed Amazon parrot. You never know what to expect from him. One minute he’s dancing to the radio, the next he’s screaming for attention or stealing food off your lunch plate.

A: We heard Kirby Liesmann hangs around the shop from time to time. What’s the deal with Kirby and who are your other shop riders?

WE: There’s a pretty good chance that if you visit Wake Effects you’ll run across Kirby. Kirby runs Kirby’s School of Wake out of our shop and is always available to help coach anyone that visits the lake when he’s not competing on the Pro Tour. Check out his school on Facebook or at We’ve had lots of great riders come and go in the past few years. Gabe Fowler still calls the lake home. Kyle Woehler just recently left us to help run Hydrous Wake Park in Allen, TX. Steven Cahil is still a resident at the lake but is holding it down for the University of Texas Wakeboard Team. Then we have our current shop employees, Nick Franklin, Ryan Moriearty and Matt Spanburg. We also have some up and coming shredders we’d like to mention, Hayden Smith, Blake Hale, Christian Rahm, and four-year-old Brody Ingold.

A: Lake of the Ozarks is now the home of BROstock. What does an event like BROstock mean to the community of Osage Beach and Lake of the Ozarks? 

WE: We at the lake can’t believe it’s taken this long to get it here. We’re actually worried about the BROstockers being able to hang at this lake! As for the riding itself, we think the lake will be shocked to see what can be done on a wakeboard, probably about as shocked as the BROstock crew will be at the lake’s ability to have a good time. Our lake hosts parties that will even shock most of the BROstock crew. If you don’t believe us, just Google Lake of the Ozarks “Party Cove”. Shane “Danger” Bonifay will probably never leave.

A: If we met a really pretty girl at BROstock and we really wanted to impress her, where would be the best place on the lake to take her?

WE: We have a variety of exceptional restaurants/bars we’d recommend. Not to single any out we’ll mention a few of our favorites. Paradise, Dog Days, Shorty Pants Lounge, Captain Ron’s and Topsider. There are a variety of others all located on the water. The lake offers more “on water” venues with live entertainment, food and fun than any other inland body of water… PERIOD! You’ll never be bored or disappointed.


Wake Effects

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