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Months of building, creating and a few secret spots allowed Kaesen Suyderhoud to put this amazing web piece together. Enjoy Incognito!
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21 Responses to “Incognito – Kaesen Suyderhoud”

  1. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    That was so sick. Kaesen has got mad steeze That backmobe was definitely one of the best i’ve seen.

  2. What? Says:

    This is what I’m talking about. Everyone needs more of this. Take notes people.

  3. Ripper Says:

    everything about this edit was perfect. filming. riding. editing. good work guys!

  4. Nice Says:

    Unique. The kicker hits are the tits.

  5. Riley Says:

    Good work boys!

  6. KC Says:


  7. Yes Says:

    It would be awesome to see more and more people putting effort into web edits like this. So good for the sport. Kaesen is killing it.

  8. AB Says:

    been enjoying watching Kaesen’s riding here lately. Dude RIPS!!

  9. Ronan Conway Says:

    Awesome killing it looks amazing.fantastic skills

  10. what Says:

    this is way better than the rathy video.

    Kaesen for rider of the year!

  11. kyle gardner Says:

    wow cant take any of you guys seriously better then rathys video hahah diffrent yes that was sick and all but lets be real wakeboaders doing all those sliders just want to be snowboarders!!!

  12. Casey Says:

    Such a sick edit! And Kyle, wakeboarding has progressed so much that when your as good of a rider as Kaesen is, all the style, tricks, and combos that snowboarders use can be done on a wakeboard. I’ve seen Kaesen ride on both snow and water. Kills it on both! Anything he throws down on snow, he can do on a wake and vise versa. They don’t “wanna be snowboarders” cause we all know that’s bullshit. It’s called progression and that’s what Kaesen and other pros do with the sport. Keep up the solid work Kaesen! See ya this winter brotha!

  13. Andrew 'Club' Ingram Says:

    so fucking beautiful!!!!!! get it kaesen!

    ~that moment when you watch a video and it gets you amped to go ride

  14. Tyler G Says:

    Soo legit. Joey killer edit!! Kaesen such good style. Proper Video.

  15. FlipDSK Says:

    So sick we need more snow/wake riders out there so much more entertaining than some “bros” on a $100,000 boat

  16. Reeder Says:

    Yeah Kaesen that was sick dude! stoked to come back up this winter and shred again. you killed it dude!

  17. Teich Says:

    Hell ya kaesen crushed it

  18. Marc Poirier Says:

    Sick riding… Copy paste SNF productions web video… Be original! Sick riding though…

  19. jamie Says:

    Dudes wanted to ride like snowboarders ever since they started doing toe side backside 180s and jibbing jump ramps. It’s been awhile, it’s radical, get over it.

  20. fatmatt Says:

    I’ve probably watched this 20 times now..and it never gets old! Rider if the year for sure!

  21. willie Says:

    edit of the year


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