Wish you could get tips on a new trick your trying to learn from your favorite rider? Well here at Alliance we are all about progression in every form of the sport. The more fun your having on the water the better right? From learning your first 180 or taking your tantrum to blind, we support it all. The Pros have been exactly where you are and they know a couple secrets you might not know about a trick. All you have to do is upload video clip of you working on a trick or trying a trick. We will connect with the appropriate rider and get the tips for you right here on AllianceWake.com.  Who knows someone out there might be having the same problem with a trick as you.

What you need to do! 

#1 Film a clip of trying a new trick or working on a trick you might not have that consistent.

#2 Upload the clip to Youtube or Vimeo

#3 Title that video with your name and trick you are trying.

#4 Send the URL of your video to Patrick@alliancewake.com

#5 Include your Name and a couple of your favorite rider’s names. We will then connect with one of those riders to get their feedback on what your doing wrong or need to do differently.

#6 Watch Alliancewake.com for your trick to pop up with advice from your favorite pro!

Its that easy. Please only upload 1 trick per video. You can upload up to 5 attempts of that trick. Remember it can be any trick!