June 21st, 2007 by admin

Keith Lyman's on his way over to my house to veg out 'cause he just busted his left shoulder and is bored out of his mind. Apparently a moby dick got the best of Keith and blew out his left shoulder. Keith's normally got that trick on lock, but when you take it 12-feet high and 15-feet into the flats, the landings can have some serious impact. Doctors say that if surgery isn't required Keith should be back on the water in 4-6 weeks.

Speaking of injuries, if you read the story posted by Ben Greenwood about his trip to South Korea, you will see in the first picture that his arm was severly mangled by a nasty encounter with the handle. Word from Ben, though, is that the arm is at 90% and he's stoked to be riding hard again. Don't count him out at Nationals this weekend, kids…

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