Dallas Friday remains in a Singapore hospital today due to post-surgical complications for a broken femur she suffered during last weekend’s World Cup event. I talked to Drew McGuckin, Dallas’ boyfriend, today, and he said that doctor’s still have Dallas on a respirator for her collapsed lung. He added that she was supposed to be off the respirator yesterday, but the recovery is taking longer than expected. Doctors are keeping her sedated during the recovery process, so she was not available for comment. If you would like to send Dallas well-wishes, we have set up an emial for her and your notes will be passed along as soon as she is able to field them: dallas@alliancewake.com.

In other injury news, Danny Harf separated his shoulder while wakeboarding two days ago, and will be off the water for the next three to five weeks. Looks like Harf’s plans to get his skydiving certification in the offseason will be put on hold for a month. Good luck and get better, Danny and Dallas.