Just when I thought the infamous rail jam on campus couldn’t get any better, The Sacramento State Wakeboarding Club stepped it up this semester. After last years 24 hour set up-ride-take down fiasco, I didn’t think the event would happen again. However, due to the tenacity and ambitiousness of the wakeboarding club, the rail jam went smoother, looked better, and even added new sponsors.

First off, the students changed the rail and made it more progressive. The rail went from three treks wide last year to only two this year. However, what I was most impressed with was the level of riding. Students last year that had never winched had completely morphed into first class rail riders. I am giving my most improved riders award to four students; Chad McInnis, Mitch De Angelis, Tyler Rossi and Wes Daley. These guys rode all day and were throwing down like it was nobody’s business.

Not only was the riding better, there were fewer crashes and more students hanging out. Red Bull, similar to last year, provided a DJ who really got the crowd going. Alliance Wakeboarding Magazine provided free magazines and episodes of Pull and Innuendo to stoke up the crowd. A new company joined the force called Dream Xtreme. Dream Xtreme is the new indoor standing wave house that has opened in Elk Grove California. They hooked us up with some free passes so we could reward the people who helped out and to see if we could get random students to jump in the pool. Because California has no cable parks, wave houses offer an opportunity for people to do water activities without an expensive boat.

Other sponsors included The Element , which is a student housing facility near campus. Rec Sports also contributed to the cause and provided us with enough money to get the pools and cool shirts to hand out. With everyone’s help the Sac State Wakeboard Club was able to put together a legit end of the year Blowout!