In classic AA sarcasm, “I’m a little hesitant to do this because the last hobby I entered a contest with turned into a full blown profession.” Of course, he’s referring to wakeboarding. As far as his photography goes, we’ll let you be the judge. Rumor has it he’s had a photo trending on the popular page this week so he must be doing something right. In the meantime, tell us which photo is your favorite…


Photo # 1 – If there is ever a Time Share built on Lucas Lake I’m pretty sure this will be the cover of their brochure. ( Comment credit to Danny Turner™ )



Photo # 2 –  ICC building, Hong Kong via my Ollo clip iPhone fish eye attachment. Making the best of an eight hour layover. I was going to stay in the airport but Nick Jones and Steel Laferty insisted that was the lame thing to do. Turns out they were right.



Photo # 3 –  This is the view from the stairwell of the Eiffel Tower. This is one of my favorite pics from my travels. No tilt shift generator on this just depth of field.



Photo # 4 – Asia is Beautiful this time of year, don’t you agree?



Photo # 5 – ” Una Vista desde Patio Trasero de Zane ”  I captured this moment in Zane’s back yard via my iPhone 3G. With the 2 second shutter delay on the 3G It wasn’t the easiest to get.



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