Here it is ladies and gentlemen. The finals of round two for the instagram photo battles. Below are the winning photo’s from each of their individual features, and now it’s time to pick an overall winner. These guys put in some serious hard work to create these gems, so do them a solid and vote for the winner!



Adkison – “Una Vista desde Patio Trasero de Zane ”  I captured this moment in Zane’s back yard via my iPhone 3G. With the 2 second shutter delay on the 3G It wasn’t the easiest to get.



Shredtown – Sometimes gettin’ a good gram puts you in the line of fire. Davis stepped up and snagged this one while we were makin sure the chain gate was nice and sketchy.



Ruck – This is my most liked photo on instagram coming in hot with 80 + likes. It’s my Wife Joi and Terri just a bit after new years. I was out on the boat with my mom on a georguos evening, so the girls started messing around with the paddle boards. They came in between me and the sun and I caught a good one…




Hansen – This was a photo from the other morning I woke up around 10 o’clock and my mom told me she had seen a bunch of pigs earlier that morning just across the lake, so as soon as I looked across (through my scope of coarse)  they all popped out of the bushes. There were 16 wild boars. Most of them were 30-40 pounds with one monster around 100 pounds. I fancy a good boar hunt so I made my way across the lake with a bow and arrow and took one down. Mmmm Mmmm goood.



McKee – Now this was a wild night. It all started playing the newlyweds game at a friends place and the question was “what is the one thing your wife would say that you love more than her?” I had just got back from Portland where we went to a strip club (which I told her about because honesty is the best policy). She was busting my balls about it that day so I thought it would be a great answer to the question. “Strippers” was my official answer. The joke didn’t turn out to be as funny as I had imagined when I wrote it down, but by the end of the night all the crew was jacked up on the idea of strippers, se we headed to the club. That’s my beautiful wife Katy on the right with her hair pulled back, my friends John and Steve across the stage (code names), and on the stage is obviously a stripper. I’m still proud every time I see this pic because I pulled off the forbidden “strip club photo.”


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