March 19th, 2014 by alliance

Introducing INVADING, an exclusive three part web series showcasing the ultimate wake paradise presented by Republic Rails and CWC Wake Park. Part one features Graeme Buress and Ben Leclair riding lines on the full size cable at CWC. Enjoy the shred!

Stay tuned for part two featuring Raph Derome, Aaron Rathy, Yan Tibo, Ben Leclair, Kaesen Suyderhoud, Graeme Buress and Marc Besner.

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26 Responses to “Invading – Part 1”

  1. slaphead Says:

    I can’t believe I watched that to the end expecting something to be different

  2. dat guy Says:

    whats up with the jibbity jibbers these days jeez, remember, we are wakeboarding, let’s see some kicker action ffs

  3. slaphead Says:

    at least the park guys in snowboarding give a 50/50 mix between rails and kickers. I just don’t know how many more videos they can make of the same rails and virtually same hits over and over. everyone was pushing amazing kicker tricks and it’s just seemed to kind of halt recently

  4. Haters Says:

    why all the hate? if your sick of seeing the same stuff over and over maybe take a break from watching vids for a week or two. Go out and make your own overly repetitive, lame vid and leave these guys who make it look good to do work. I’m loving the rail lines, keep it coming!

  5. Really? Says:

    Snowboarders have a landing ramp, therefore making jumping actually fun, and not just blasting a 4 foot kicker to flat at 30 mph…. Wonder why everyone has knee problems?

  6. Yankmeister Winch Says:

    That heli footage was so sick. And its really cool that they don’t make anyone wear a vest and a helmet in the Philippines.

  7. Jeff Mathis Says:

    So sick, this kind of stuff is the future. It’s incredibly difficult to link all those tricks together, especially when the rails are crammed so tightly together. Thanks for the awesomeness, dudes.

  9. John Ledford Says:

    Yeah Grambo! Lines for days starting to remind me of some skate footy. Keep the cam rollin!

  10. Trevor Akers Says:

    I enjoyed that nice job guys

  11. Austin Frazee Says:

    Slaughtering those rails mayyte. Keep it coming no matter what the haters say. haters gunna hate that nozeach life is real

  12. Jordy Says:

    Ben so hot right now. Ben.

  13. Justin Harrelson Says:

    There are some serious off-season edits coming out of the Philippines. I’m looking forward to this little series.

  14. Mike Montgomery Says:

    Love the angles and the creativeness to the style of riding. Keep ripping and filming dudes!

  15. ricketts Says:

    Sickest cable vid Ive seen this winter

  16. retards Says:

    this is a continuation of the worst string of videos I’ve ever seen. it represents the end of wakeboarding. how can anyone enjoy watching this and say it is original

  17. RealTalk Says:

    To all the haters: go throw another s-bend or blind judge you cunts!

  18. Vinny Armentano Says:

    This is NLS.
    Sick skills and such a clean looking edit. I Love it. Looking forward to seeing more from this series.

    Encourage others who feel the same to post with positive remarks, seems like the only people who care enough to comment are the haters. lol

  19. saweet Says:

    Actually smooth heli shots which i feel is rare. and the lines are sweet! kinda skate/snowboard feel to it

  20. beer Says:

    were they filming with a go pro?

  21. Kyle Woehler Says:

    mitch killed it on the heli! and smooth lines graeme an ben! how anyone can hate on this is beyond me, i think most people who know whats up are pumped for this lil series.

  22. shred til dead Says:

    You guys act like you’re surprised to see haters on alliance. Haters are 95% of the people who get on this site. Go watch Graeme shred in real life and I dare you to hate. He does shit on a board that I didnt even know was possible

  23. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Got hate in your heart let it out

  24. j, teich Says:

    buttdart champ hah… killin it doods !!

  25. Anthony W Ruch Says:

    It becomes more apparent with each post that wake boarders don’t know what style is. Keep doing 720s on rails guys. Maybe they will be cool in 2020. Graeme and Ben killed line after line. Post invading 2 soon!

  26. boomsmack Says:

    im really liking the whole not editing and showing back to back hits. it makes it look way harder and intense and is more fun to watch and it gives you a sense of how good these guys are. its way cooler to watch guys create lines instead of watching 6 slightly different tricks over the same rail in a row.


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