The Malibu Boat Rockin’ Christmas Event is helping parents invest back into their families with a gift of fun, togetherness and years of priceless memories in a Malibu boat.

(Merced, CA) – Malibu Boats and participating dealers nation-wide are celebrating Christmas 2008 with the Malibu Boat Rockin’ Christmas Event . The Rockin’ Christmas Event is helping parents invest back into their families with the gift of a Malibu boat this holiday season. During this event the Malibu Boats factory and the national dealer network will help parents pull off a string of once-in-a-lifetime Christmas surprises. They are giving huge factory incentives on inventoried boats and throwing in a boatload of water sports gifts, lessons and service. This is a Malibu Boats package the entire family will love opening on December 25th. Malibu dealers are even making the gift presentation as memorable as the gift itself by working with families to develop personalized Christmas surprises. Malibu Boats is taking the hassle out of the busiest time of the year with a total family Christmas solution that is a gift of fun, togetherness and years of priceless memories.

Malibu suggests, instead of giving traditional, individual gifts, families give each other the gift of fun, togetherness and memories in the form of a Malibu boat. When you add up what the average American family spends on mp3 players, gift cards, phones, computers, trips, video game systems, clothes and other “family distracting” gifts, Malibu thinks you will see more than enough for a sizeable down payment on a boat. Add in the return on investment of quality time the entire family will enjoy together and a Malibu boat becomes priceless. That is where the Malibu Boat Rockin’ Christmas Event comes in.

Malibu Boats along with your local dealer is offering huge factory incentives on the boats they have in inventory if purchased during the Rockin’ Christmas Event. These discounts could add up to as much as $20,000 on certain models. Malibu dealers are also providing special financing during the event.

When you purchase a Malibu boat during the Rockin’ Christmas Event, your family will receive more to open under the tree. Boating and water sports accessories for the whole family will be included in your Malibu Christmas package. Malibu is also providing each family with an Official Malibu Merchandise shopping spree. Malibu dealers are throwing in gift certificates for boating and driving lessons or the chance to ski or ride with a Malibu Pro Team Member. Your local Malibu dealer is even ringing in the New Year with free scheduled service as part of this package. The Malibu Boat Rockin’ Christmas Event eliminates the hassle commonly associated with the holiday season by doing all the shopping for you. Malibu has even taken it a step further by easing the planning that goes along with a surprise of this magnitude.

Local Malibu dealers across the country are planning amazing surprises for families receiving boats as a part of the Rockin’ Christmas Event. You can work with your Malibu dealer and their elves to present the boat and gifts at the time and place of your choosing. Your Malibu dealer can unveil the boat during your yearly Christmas get-together. You could even work with your dealer to stage the surprise at the dealership. However the presentation of the gifts goes down you will have all the help you will need from your Malibu dealer to make a very special Christmas memory.
Visit your local Malibu Boats dealer to get more information about the Malibu Boat Rockin’ Christmas Event. If you are not familiar with your nearest dealer visit the Malibu Boats web site’s dealer locator .

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