October 27th, 2013 by Josh Palma

I was up in North Carolina a few weeks ago doing demos at a double-up contest sponsored by Charlotte Ski Boats (local MasterCraft dealer). Rusty Malinoski made it up for the weekend as well and consequently I had the chance to shoot a few slow-mo clips of some of his double-ups. The new iSight camera on the iPhone 5s allows you to grab video on the fly at 120 fps in 720p. Recording Rus hitting some XSTAR double-ups seemed like the perfect way to take this thing for a test run…


Rusty Malinoski Mute Osmosis 5 from Josh Palma on Vimeo.


Rusty Malinoski Mute Mobe from Josh Palma on Vimeo.


Rusty Malinoski Wrapped Heel 9 from Josh Palma on Vimeo.

4 Responses to “iPhone 5s Slo-Mo: Rusty Malinoski”

  1. VVS Says:

    “Vertical Video Syndrome” ;-)

  2. W3StCOAsT Says:

    Question to Palma and any others in the know:

    Me and my buddy have been messin around with our 5s phones at the cable too doing this and was wondering what the best way is to send these slo mo files to avoid making them grainy like a sending these videos via text does. Just emailing them does that keep the high res?

  3. Yo Says:

    westcoast, download dropbox.

  4. G Says:

    grab wrapped heel back 9! sick guy


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