August 14th, 2013 by Spencer Norris

iRide is where the pro’s talk candidly about the setup that they prefer to ride. Kaesen breaks down his choice shred stick

4 Responses to “iRide: Kaesen Suyderhoud”

  1. Justin H. Says:

    I would be more interested in why he rides the 145, his stance and if he sets the board up differently for wake.

  2. Tyler Says:

    yea sikk

  3. SETx Wake Says:

    Justin, my guess would be the 145 is because Kaesen is a fairly tall wakeboarder, plus I know he has an extensive snow background so maybe he’s used to more board. Obviously it doesn’t hold him back. Super fun to watch this guy hit rails!

  4. Justin H. Says:

    He is one of my favorite rail riders too, but my point was that these segments have a lot of potential. This video really told me nothing about his setup other than the brand, board and bindings. I would have found it more interesting and helpful if he talked about how and why he rides his specific setup.

    Actually, since it seems that he works closely with Alliance, I kinda hoped he would pop on to the comments and explain more about what he rides.

    Amount of boat vs cable
    Boat speed
    Rope length
    Board size (why so big)
    Fins or no fins behind the boat


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