May 18th, 2011 by jeffmckee

It’s the June issue which means summer is knocking the the door and you’re still too fat for those new
boardies you got for Christmas! Get your ass in gear and get after it, but before you go, check out issue 11.5. It’s piping hot with a splash of Brandon Thomas on top…

Inside you’ll find a Best and Worst interview with Defy star Danny Harf in which he explains the grueling process that is “lunch with Kilgus.”

On page 48 Gabe Lucas steps up to the plate for a one one one exclusive interview on why he chose professional wakeboarding over baseball…we’re certainly glad he did, because he has been the leader of the pact when it comes to the progression of Texas wakeboarding, proven by the step down gap to ledge sequence on pages 52-53.



Mike Ennen sets off the Framed section with a fs Eclipse slide while on a California winch trip through the floods. It’s OK, he has travelers insurance in case you were wondering…


On page 76 you can take a trip with the Byerly wakeskate team as they explore the waters of Cancun, Mexico. Scott’s brother Ryan has been living under the Mexican sun for some time now as he’s setting up a wakeboard camp , so it was time for Scott and friends to pay a visit and see all that Cancun has to offer. BT was obviously pleased with the results, as were the rest of the guys, and even the Federalis joined in on the fun!



Have you ever been to Dubai? if not issue 11.5 is your chance to join in on the fun as top riders travel to the United Arab Emirates for the Oakley Riot double up event. Skydiving over the the Palm, indoor snowboarding, and royal golifing with putters to the dome are all part of the action on this week long adventure. Man pro wakeboarders have it good…

The issue rounds out with “The Evolution of a Cheeseburger Contest” in the Dustpan. If you’re wondering how many cheeseburgers you can possibly eat and still perform on a wakeboard, the answer is about 7 or 8, but definitely not 9. Just ask Rusty who’s appetite was far larger than his stomach could manage. If you’re not a big reader, the pictures alone are sure to ruin you appetite.

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  1. Riley B Says:

    Gabe’s interview was aweome! Cool cat for sure!

  2. GH Says:

    amazing grammar


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