Issue 7.8 is out! Talk about doing 80 in a 55 zone! This thing s sick, and oh yeah, it’s covered in shades of blue and yellow, complemented with an indy poke backside 180 by Sir Daniel Harf!


Up first in “rider’s Camera,” Pat Panakos fills us in on the days of his life as the owner/operator, as well as a great human being.


On the “Inside” (p. 46) Mike Shwenne Tells all about his endeavors with the one and only “West Coast Camps.” They’re looking into Bio Diesel, maybe you should too?


Flip over to page 56 to read about the third Carnival rail event, resurrecting after 6 long years, and the level of riding definitely was evident. It turns out Parks Bonifay is still the undeniable champ. However, Guys Like Lidberg and Watson put some serious heat on his tail. Beware…


Next up, take a trip to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as the Marsh brothers pull off one of the coolest demo’s we’ve ever seen. Don’t worry though, everyone made it out unharmed, and it turns out that Billy Marsh is one hell of a wakeboarder!


Page 88 gives us some insight on the winching scene in Texas. They say everything is bigger in Texas, but the spill way gap Clint pulled a shuv over was bigger than bi…gargantuan!


Also in the issue, Ronix takes a trip to Florida’s West coast to explore the Gulf Waters in the Tampa area. There’s nothing better than an hour road trip and a complete change in scenery. Oh yeah, they killed it too…I heard they were contractually obligated too…Shhhhh!


Finally, The debut of my new department, “The Dustpan” has arrived. Check out world-class coverage of Feet on Fire Three! Find out why George Daniels is not a barefooter, and also get a chance to do a little celebrity guessing…get it while it’s hot…Hot! Hot! Hot! Like grilled Pizza!