The Photo annual is out and it is HOT HOT HOT! Just ask Randall Harris…He's on just about every page. Why? Because he did something special ths year; Something really really special, but I can't say what, you'll just have to read and find out.

On page 10 you can find what is undoubtedly the biggest Spillway winch drop anyone has ever done. Kyle Murphy named it "the Season Ender" with good reason, and Nick Valliere was alongside as they tore this gap a new A##@%&e.
Tony Smith Says Farewell on page 38 in what could possibly be the best article we have ever read. Simply put, the guy makes magic with words. Tony is an incredible guy and we will miss him dearly.
Danny Hampson's debut "reason" article can be found on page 54, which is then followed by 30 + pages of the best photo's you have ever seen in your life. SERIOUSLY. Do you think we would lie to you? NO.
Next up is the secret story that reveals the biggest news of the that involves Randall Harris. SSHHH…..
There's a whole lot more like the Oakley trip to New York and coverage of the Hippodrome in the Northwest, but wat we are trying to say is that you're life will suck if you don't read this issue. HURRY!