Two issues back we ran a cover of J.D. Webb jumping over the fountain on Lake Eola, in downtown Orlando. J.D. and a few dozen of his friends and supporters were back at Lake Eola last night for a sneak preview showing of this Monday night’s episode of Stunt Junkies that documents his preparation and jump over the largest gap a wakeboarder has ever done. Be sure to tune in, you will not believe how crazy this stunt actually was, and how many things could have gone wrong. For example, during training, J.D. came up short and landed on top of the landing ramp, which should have broken both his legs but somehow didn’t. And on the big day, the ramps had to be tied to the fountain so they wouldn’t wobble, but still were much less stable than he had practiced on. Wakeboards aren’t made to hit ramps and fly 60 feet through the air … at least I never thought they were until I watched this show. J.D. Webb is crazy and the show is good, check it out.

Stunt Junkies airs this Monday night, January 22, at 10:30 p.m.