October 8th, 2012 by Submitted


Texas shredder Jade Whirley puts down some interesting lines at Dallas cable park Hydrous. It’s always cool to see different perspectives at the cable.

Video by Joey Arcisz

15 Responses to “Jade Whirley, The Man In Orange”

  1. matt Says:

    PROPER…!!! good to see someone actually not early spinning off kickers … looks way more legit

  2. Chad Says:

    Thats the best looking quarterpipe his I’ve seen on a wakeboard.

  3. meh Says:

    Wow great video and awesome riding. Nice to see some different grabs from someone out there.

  4. Riley Says:

    Yeah Buddy! Way to keep killing it! Double grabs were dope!

  5. Logan Says:

    Jade deserves a spot on the SS global team. IMO.

  6. Josh Tranby Says:

    yeah jade!!

  7. leach Says:

    ditto on the Proper! Such sick and unique riding, and filming/editing! Hopefully it gets the pub it deserves!

  8. txshred Says:

    Jade is absolutely killing it. Why he is not on the global team is beyond me…

  9. wyatt Says:

    Nice work stud. Looking better than ever.

  10. Lakeside Watersports CT Says:

    Some serious style! Making it look easy

  11. Mitchell Johnson Says:

    reppin the steez hand

  12. blake Says:

    oompa loompas wakeboard?!

  13. g west Says:


  14. Keith Says:

    Somebody is hungry! Dope Jade!

  15. liberty Says:

    Comment supressor !


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