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JD Webb is well known for his abilities on wakeboard features so Hyperlite brought him to Texas for Spring Break where he could put those skills to the test at BSR Wake Park. JD had never visited the park but his eyes lit up as soon as we arrived and he was like a kid in a candy shop the entire week. Spencer Norris followed JD around and put this clip together for our enjoyment. The crew at BSR let Hyperlite move some things around and it didn’t take JD long to maneuver a kicker in front of their new kink-rail.

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5 Responses to “JD Webb Spring Break’s at BSR”

  2. Gunnar Tecate Says:

    Boy am I sick of seeing cable edits with no kicker hits. Rails only? Boring.

  3. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Haters going to hate! Got hate in your heart let it out!

  4. chad Says:

    I didn’t see any hate in his comment. He was simply stating that he did not like edits without kicker hits in them. (technically there was kicker hits, just onto their step up rail…) He didn’t say anything bad about JD. Please stop hating on people you think are haters…

    Riding was on point, nice work JD.

  5. JULIAN RICK Says:

    STFU Gunnar Tecate.


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