When Jeff Engen first sent me his “detailed plans” for a portable winch pool (see attached), my first reactions were: (a) Jeff can’t draw blueprints to save his life and (b) his ideas are lame. However, when I saw the pool in action, I realized that only one of those reactions was correct. Not since the winch have I been so stoked on an invention.

Basically, he has a 20-foot trailer that extends into a 40-foot portable winch pool. The trailer has got plates, reflectors and turn signals, so you can transport it anywhere – legally. He built the pool on a series of wheels and pullies so that it only takes three people to set up the entire pool. The pool has a regular trailer hitch, and is easy to transport when compacted. With a pump and two hoses, it can be filled and ready to ride within teo hours. Best of all, the thing barely leaks!

I've been to a bunch of winch comps that have taken days to set up. With Jeff's porta-pool you could drive across country doing demos with very little set-up time. The dope thing is that all your tools and stuff fit perfectly into the trailer along with your wood for building rails. Plans are also in the works for a portable landing pool so that Jeff can just back the trailer up to session city handrail spots.

This summer, expect to see Jeff riding spots that may have otherwise been impossible to hit. Jeff tells me that he already has three or four spots scoped out in California, some near/around the Grand Canyon, and some street handrails in downtown Lake Havasu City.

Jeff’s ingenuity has allowed him to find new ways to redefine his wakeskating. He’s got the skills that can help make his crazy ideas become a reality. If he just works a little harder on his drawing skills, then he’ll be set.