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The Jao Pro crew recently met up with East Tennessee native Jeff House to discuss his injury-plagued career, recovery process, and current state-of-mind. See what keeps Jeff inspired to keep riding and why he’s considered one of the most stylish athletes the sport of wakeboarding has ever seen.

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13 Responses to “Jeff House – Injuries”

  1. dan f Says:

    hell yeah jeff!

  2. Andrew Masi Says:

    Besides there not being a single riding clip in real time, this is one of the better edits i have seen. House has an awesome perspective on life and awesome riding style! Glad that your feeling healthy and cheers to healthy rest of your career!

  3. Case Says:

    Jeff, you have some of the best style in the industry… definitely missed seeing clips of ya over the last little bit. Welcome back….

  4. Inquiry Says:

    Nice edit. House looks to be riding strong coming off all those injuries. His face on that rail photo is priceless.

  5. Corey Says:

    Much respect. 2 surgeries on my right knee from tib plateau fracture and nerve damage, and still 2 more to go this year, its motivating to hear Jeff’s story.

  6. Yeah! Says:

    Nice looking edit! Good shots! Riding was silky! More…!!

  7. Rob Jacques Says:

    I am truly happy to see you healthy again, Jeff. Always one of the most entertaining, stylish, and creative riders in the industry. The industry needs you right now more than ever. You’re one of my favorite wakeboarders, and now that you’re back, I will have a reason to visit all these wake sites a lot more. Looking forward to seeing you back on top.

  8. wayne brady Says:

    Dude grabs the board like a pimp lookin fo his money… very G

  9. Everybody Says:

    I Like the way you ride

  10. shredforces Says:

    mr jeff house in the place! holy ill nuggets, still shredding so hard! had the experience of watchin jeff ride at a demo one time, picture these tricks + about 30 more minutes with only one fall the whole time. jao pros edits stay na$ty

  11. deuce vermillion Says:

    strong…. dude is strong…. great edit…. better riding…. even better attitude. asset to the sport, the lifestyle, a role model for other riders….

  12. Rock Says:

    Rob, the industry needs you NOW more than ever so thanks Jeff for bringing Rob back because I’m sure the industry will die if Rob doesn’t visit the sites anymore. Last time I checked the industry was growing, I’m confused.

  13. Rob Jacques Says:

    So stating that I enjoy watching someone wakeboard, and now that they are healthy, I will have the opportunity to see him ride by visiting this site more often is somehow off-putting to you, Mr. Anonymous? I’M the one that is confused.

    Your sarcastic comment is a joke in itself. You’re insulting a guy who was always a non-factor, and that is SO FAR removed and washed up (understatement) from the industry that it is ridiculous. I come on here to support an old friend who has unfortunately been plagued by injury as of late, and some guy that didn’t like me from said days when I was a non-factor, comes out and points out the most obvious thing he can think up… that I am just some weekend warrior who visits a wake site from time to time. Way to take something positive, and shit all over it. I guess everything tastes crappy when you have a sour taste in your mouth.


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