The annual Fred Hall Boat Show in Del Mar is going on this weekend at the
infamous Del Mar Raceway. The show flew in a bunch of the boys (Watson,
Shane, Henshaw, Collin Harrington and Jeff Barton on the mic) and invited a
few of the locals (Eddie & Jacob Valdez and Fish) to come down and put on a
few rail demos to inform and entertain the crowd. The rails were pretty
basic, but also pretty fun. From pool one to pool tow they put in a small
incline-mini gap-decline bench, then from pool two to pool three the riders
had the option of the standard a frame or a wall ride. The wall ride was
definitely this editors selection for most entertaining, challenging,
dangerous and all around most fun looking.

It wasn¹t really a contest but became a game of who could get the most of
their board off the top of the wall ride without putting themselves in the
hay bales. Shane, Watson and Henshaw were definitely the big contenders on
the wall with combinations of tail, nose, frontside and backside presses
along the top of the wall. My favorite line was Shane¹s tail press to nose
press on the incline/decline with a backside lipslide nose press thing on
the wall. The crowd of 60 went nuts.

The boys put on a great show, go check it out if you can pull it.

Now that you're done scoping the sweet photos, take a look at the video on the Alliance video page.