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Orlando has had a really warm winter so that means lots of wakeboarding. Jimmy LaRiche and Adam Errington take advantage of the warm weather with a quick doubles edit. Enjoy!

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24 Responses to “Jimdam summer in February”

  1. Umm Says:

    I don’t understand why Jimmy would post this up for everyone to see..? He should be embarrassed

  2. Really? Says:

    Jimmy’s got that back smith diiaaaallllled

  3. rayfink Says:

    but fella’s, these guys r boat riders… So aren’t we supposed to think anything they do on a box or rail is impressive? I thought thats how this works

  4. Carlos Says:


  5. f Says:

    i know. having fun on a wakeboard should be banned from this site for ever!

  6. Dylan Wittman Says:

    Why don’t you pricks stop hating. It’s the off season they can do whatever the hell they wanna do. You land a 1080 please then you will see why he has a pro model. Respect all the riding instead of running your mouth about the pros go do it

  7. danny Says:


  8. Justin Harrelson Says:

    Eh, fun enough for a Friday edit. Only thing that pisses me off is that they are riding in shorts…in February. They should at least make it look like it is cold for the rest of us.

  9. asspat Says:

    - If you’re getting paid to ride there’s no off season
    – Jimmy rode in cable contests last season
    – Online content is open to all forms of public shit’talking
    – Hating is for people that like oraphis plugs
    – Product sales will dictate Jimmy and Adam’s future
    – There’s kids better then these dudes
    – I type in the nude

  10. Shawn white Says:

    Yeah so sick bois! Can I be your boyfriends?

  11. Nauticpedia Says:

    Crazy boys!! Haha… Nice edit!

  12. kyle Says:

    looked like a pretty fun day to me!

  13. chris Says:

    Wow!!!!! Jimmy you should be embarrassed with your performance on cable. Thanks for wasting our time by posting this video this god awful edit!

  14. M Says:

    So disappointed when seeing these negative comments, i know its open to the public when saying these things but the shit talking is getting out of hand, its going down a slippery slope and should be stopped. They are both extremely talented riders, everyone has their off days, maybe this was one of theirs, they were having fun so relax guys. anyone outside of the wakeboarding scene would see this and think they are absolutely amazing, and in reality thats all that matters.
    No mo hate :D

  15. wakeboarder Says:

    not bad for a amateur rail rider no ?

  16. f Says:

    you would think with all of the 1080’s and double cab rolls these guys can do, that they could fix their rail riding.. straighten up this shit.

  17. rayfink Says:

    dear M, Phuck UUUU. wake boarding at its core is the most unnaccessible board sport today and is full of people who don’t like the taste of concrete and hate being out in the cold, but its a finger flipping miracle this stupid sport exist’s and i thank god every damn day for that. but suum people take this shit far too seriously and forget we can’t make fun of ourselves. KEEP ON HATIN HATERS

  18. rayfink Says:

    i mean can make fun of ourselves… shit, dudes never goda read this anyway

  19. Robbie Says:

    Hey guys, let me clear this up. I was at OWC the day this video was made. I rode right behind them at the park and trust me, they weren’t trying to make some edit that everyone will remember forever. They were just out there enjoying the day and doing a little riding. They were having fun and that’s all this sport is about. And to whoever made the comment about him getting paid to do sick tricks all the time, that’s not true. His sponsors know that they aren’t gonna get popular by supporting someone who is JUST good at riding. Company’s get popular when there athletes show that they are having a good time. Jimmy and Adam are awesome guys and would give you the shirt off their back if you asked. So it’s not fair to talk bad about them when they are just trying to have alittle fun.

  20. J Willy Says:

    This is crazy. There are kids at owc everyday that are legit and doing harder tricks then these pros are doing. Go out and have fun, but don’t post a video of this quality riding.
    Adam for rail rider of the year!!!
    I thought the franchise flx was suppossed to be flexy…
    But for real… Jimmy for zeacher of the year!!

  21. bro Says:

    EVERYONE has fun wakeboarding. But not everyone gets paid. Alliance doesn’t just post any video that gets sent in. So if it makes it onto this front page I’m assuming that someone submitted it and it made it through a bunch of other videos that didn’t make it through. This is awful. The ONLY reason this is on here is because of who is in it. Idk what surprised me more…Jimmy or Adam sending this in, or Alliance actually posting it. Maybe 5 years ago this would be considered rail riding…There are unsponsored random little 8 year olds riding better than this.

  22. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Haters going to hate. Got hate in your heart LET It out

  23. Wat Says:

    Adam is washed up anyways. Jimmy is good though, they are just having fun let them be wtf, id rather whatch this than nothing. At the end of the day we come here to see videos and they are giving us content its whatever calm your nipps you goons.

    Ps: srsly though adam we gotta do something. Wake up!

  24. rayfink Says:

    more edits please JIM!!!


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