August 18th, 2014 by alliance

Few fans might know that Jimmy LaRiche actually started out wakeboarding at cable parks as a grom before his family got a boat and he became a top pro. The last couple years though Jimmy has put a lot of effort into progressing his skills in the park and it’s paid off with podium finishes over the Wake Park Triple Crown series. Take a few laps with Jimmy around the Cajun X Cables park in Lafayette, LA before the first stop of the WPTC and hear what he has to say about this rapidly growing segment of the sport.

19 Responses to “Jimmy LaRiche – Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown – Cajun X”

  1. THETRUTH Says:

    We’ve all heard of Busty Dunn. If you paid any attention to cable wakeboarding you would know him…how does this guy even get through to semis with those rail hits? Such a joke #newjudgesplease

  2. nice Says:

    ^ I don’t know…the hits weren’t bad for a boat rider.

  3. The Truth Says:

    This is exactly why everyone thinks wakeboarding isn’t legit. Get it to together alliance, you are supposed to be posting legit shit, not this crap.

  4. wakeboard for fun Says:

    Who’s ‘everyone’? What’s ‘legit’?

  5. Obviously Says:

    Jimmy is such a fag. Most overrated rider in the world even if he did lock in a rail hit or go big off a kicker he would still suck his lines are so easy and just plain gay. Good job dude keep wasting away and sucking at life

  6. SaFeTyFiRsT Says:

    Wow…^^^This guy’s really upset. Not a super huge fan of LaRiche, but c’mon man, why so angry. You’d think the guy was doing your girl…or your mom…maybe both?

  7. This is horrible Says:

    This is pretty bad… Bad on Jimmy’s part for the riding and bad on Collin’s part for actually putting a video together of these horrible clips.

  8. THETRUTH Says:

    Everyone = The rest of the “boardsport” community, the people that have been riding rails for decades before us. The industries and industry leaders that would put wakeboarding on the map alongside snowsports and skate, who actually care about what riding they promote (take a hint Alliance)

    Legit = legitimate…actually performing the intended trick.

    (ex. spinning 1 180 on the kicker while performing a heel 9…not legit. Holding a nosepress all the way to the end of the rail before spinning a 3 out, legit. )

    This isnt submitted…Looks like it says “Alliance” up top. This video represents what Alliance is pushing as the top of the game.. Why not talk to one of the guys that got near the podium? At least Tom who has been winning for the last 98 years…Not just your friend who happens to have ridden a cable when he was 12 before his parents bought him a boat…

  9. wakeboard for fun Says:

    THETRUTH, you’re a fat kid aren’t-cha? i bet your pretty badass with a bow staff huh?

  10. lonnie Says:


  11. lonnie Says:

    y’all should wakeskate

  12. jon Says:

    Jimmy would refer all of you to his Instagram.

  13. Xtreme Says:

    But how Xtreme is that park tho…… smh some people should stick to their scooters

  14. Chris Trabbold Says:

    I feel like this video wasn’t made to highlight Jimmy’s best riding, it was to promote the monster triple crown.. someone had to narrate it and for this event it was jimmy, he even said he didn’t do as well as he wanted. So why take cheap shots ripping on him while he’s just helping to support the sport that most of us love. Haters gone hate, but the haters are also the ones who use fake names and no one knows who they are. Grow the hell up and appreciate that we’re beginning to have more and more cable contests like this. If everyone keeps throwing bad vibes around every time theres a contest video then where is our sport even heading? Its contest riding, not an edit that you spend weeks perfecting each hit..

  15. What a joke Says:

    Jimmy sucks

  16. not sic Says:

    gonna be tough to make a final when you’re best trick is a method.

  17. Sascha Peschl Says:

    I think you should have to upload a clip of yourself riding before you comment. Let’s get on that admins.

  18. Haha Says:

    His opening clip is a zeach

  19. ricky cataldo Says:

    everyone hating shut the fuck up at the end of the day this sport is all about fun enjoying riding and chilling with your mates and aslong as your enjoying its all that matters zeach or no zeach everyone has a different style of riding and what they like in other peoples styles.

    everyone keep pushing and enjoying sport with peace and love!


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