Josh Martinez
Midriff Music
Camobear Records

Josh Martinez got his start 10 years ago on the East Coast of Canada, in a little fishing village called Halifax. After catching the very last cod, Martinez hopped on a donkey and moved out to Vancouver, BC to make his name and get big time famous. Ten albums and 500,000 records later, Martinez is at the forefront of a music revolution. When no one wanted to sign him, he started his own record label, Camobear Records, to showcase his music, and that of his friends, to the world. When no one would book him, he started a booking agency. When Laguna Beach needed theme music, he passed, but decided there was enough reason to start a publishing company to showcase his label's talent to the television and video world. Camobear Records is a DIY shining star, the little Canadian rap label that pushes intelligent, humorous, quirky rap music to a larger audience, with a specific push towards the college and actions sports crowd, which makes up a large part of its audience. Camobear is cool. Martinez is cool. Get down with them, and you will be cool.