October 29th, 2011 by Patrick Wieland

I dont know where to begin with Josh Palma. Josh is one of the most down to earth person I know. He never has a bad thing to say about anyone. The guy loves wakeboarding and he loves being on the water. Working with him over the past couple weeks has been an awesome experience. I’ve been wanting to shoot with him for a while but because of some lingering complications with his foot he hadn’t been riding. Recently though we’ve been able to get out on the water and do some work. As you can see in the video he’s back and he’s got some goals for this up coming season. Keep an eye on this guy because this is only the beginning.

17 Responses to “Josh Palma’s Passion”

  1. Andrew Says:

    This video is amazing. Josh killed it and Patrick made another awesome video. Nice work guys!

  2. dammm Says:

    That wake looks perfect. Nice riding josh.

  3. Jessica Says:

    Josh is so dreamy!

  4. Jamie Graff Says:

    Very Nice Joshie!! I’m coming to see your Rasta face soon.

  6. Elias Says:

    Legit grabs, stale and mute rolls to revert, toeside front, worm = old school roots. Very nice, very much appreciated.

  7. hmmm. Says:

    rad vid. but check your pan on his interview audio….

  8. Nikita Martyanov Says:

    Sick riding Josh!!!

  9. Justin Lamoureux Says:

    Sick riding Josh and super edit Wieland.

  10. Patrick Wieland Says:

    Thanks everyone.

  11. wow Says:

    Awesome video. Theres no question Weiland puts the sickest videos together.

  12. Devon Nassif Says:

    Yeah Josh!! Lekker!!

  13. shaunmoore Says:

    Attention riders who ask the question, “how do i get sponsored?” Watch this video and have an attitude like Josh….this is what companies are looking for.

    Great Vid, Pat!

  14. Jacque Says:

    Awesome edit, great inspiration. Thanks P.Wie. Keep the Josh following up, he’s a great rider to showcase for young rippers to get character advice from

  15. Stephen Getson Says:

    is this the next mayor of Orlando?

  16. Graydon Gesner Says:

    such an ill boat. sick edit. sick riding

  17. Jules Says:

    so sick! Josh IS dreamy! :)


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