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Julian Cohen hits BSR Cable Park and lays down some rail and kicker trickery.

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18 Responses to “Julian Cohen At BSR Cable Park”

  1. colby m Says:

    damn, i enjoyed watching that.

  2. bob Says:

    I can’t say the same.

  3. Tom Says:


  4. Greg Branch Says:

    Sick edit and riding!!!

  5. austin Says:

    Yeah dooooood! sick riding, looks fun!

  6. Joe Says:

    Has front mobe 7 been done before this?

  7. Shapiro Says:

    Super stoked to see rail riding like this. Such a new refreshing style from the average wakeboarder. Plus we get to see him shower, stoked!

  8. Haha Says:

    Tom does front move 7s and grabs them.

  9. Julian cohen Says:

    Thanks to all the comments especially the good ones :) I know i don’t have the best style and might even do things improper! :) but it’s my first video with out my knee braces and I can’t even explain how awesome it feels! Thanks for watching this edit! :)

  10. Jeff Says:

    Sick edit! This dude needs more love in the wake park community!

  11. max Says:

    hey julian i met you a year or so ago in owc, im chilean and you invited us to your house and took us partying in orlando with your friends.. nice guy and sick riding!

  12. jim powers Says:

    Julian–very nice edit. Great riding. I don’t know who can say who has the best style but yours ranks right up there with the best in my opinion. Keep it up!

  13. bungholio Says:

    love how he looks back at the camera after every trick haha so gay

  14. Austin Says:

    bungholio, Even if you could do half of the tricks in this edit, you’d want to know where that jet ski is as well. I was there as they filmed this & it was definitely so close quarters shooting ..

  15. TheSpangler Says:

    Sick riding, steezy rail style!

  16. OTT Says:

    Ya buddy!!!! Looking good!! Way better than 10 years ago at OWC. Haters on this site say the same shit over and over. And I only saw him look at the camera a few times.

  17. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    I’m glad he looked at the camera…

  18. Chelsea Clark Says:

    You should do more edits Julian! Loved it.


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