Check it out folks, the new issue is here…brace yourselves!

On page 44 you can see the world through the eyes of Shane Bonifay (which includes a festival he calls "Boobs, Tubes, and Beer on Clear."

Then flip to page 62 for an exclusive interview with Randall Harris. In this interview you can find out why Randall took a break from the sport as well as what he plans to do with his career in the future. This guy is so dedicated it's insane. In the interview he claims, "If I'm not in a wheelchair by the time I am 50, I'm not trying hard enough."

Next up on page 75 we travel to South Africa with the Oakley team as they film their new video "Push Process." Have you ever played fetch with a potbelly pig? These guys have.

Shane does some guest editing for our Framed section on page 86 Check out the Aaron Reed sequence…Dang!

On page 96 there is a roundtable discussion with a variety of riders on the topic of style. Definitely worth the read. Then the issue wraps up with a trip to Virginia with natives Adam Fields, Travis Propst, Brian Reeder, and their non-native guest Derek Grasman.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…the girl page is back (SWEET!!!).