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No matter how hard you think life gets, there’s always someone out there with a bit more of a struggle than you. Look at life like Justin Caskey and be grateful for what you have.

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13 Responses to “Justin Caskey – No Matter What”

  1. nice! Says:

    Good job man – you inspire.. thank you

  2. Moon Says:

    Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sick Says:

    Someone needs to take this guy to a cable.

  4. Jon Dickey Says:

    So cool Justin! If you’re ever in Tampa and want to ride the cable I’d love to ride with you!

  5. Jared H. Says:

    So cool! Very inspirational!

  6. nini Says:

    So much motivation and effort! A great example for all of us :)

  7. coloRADo Says:

    Thanks for sharing this Justin! Your attitude and accomplishments are nothing short of amazing. Feeling the motivation this morning. Stoked!

  8. Joe Says:

    Awesome story! Keep shredding

  9. Kyle Woehler Says:

    this is the best video i’ve ever seen on alliance! thanks for sharing your story, and being an inspiration.

  10. fan Says:

    awesome! cool story

  11. Trevor Hansen Says:

    Awesome story! Justin way to preserver and get back out on the water. We can all learn from your positive attitude! Keep on shredding.

  12. Mikey Ennen Says:

    Justin thank you for sharing your story!! You have overcome so much!! Keep on shredding!

  13. Corey Says:

    What an inspiration! I suffered a severe injury August of 2012 wake boarding. 5 surgeries later, and my leg is as good as it is going to get, the doctors had to use a tendon anchored to a bone in my foot to combat with the foot drop from severing my peroneal nerve when my leg broke. Justin you are an inspiration for us all. Keep fighting the good fight!


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