Has it really been 5 years since the inaugural Liquid Force Relentless Weekend at KC Watersports??? I think back to our first days of visiting KC as friend and host Mike Olson greeted us with open arms. His enthusiastic welcoming party presented the park as if to say, “hey, we built this thing for people to have fun so please enjoy”.

I like to think of KC Watersports as Alliance’s home in the Midwest. Although we don’t get to visit as much as we’d wish, KC is always in our minds and so are it’s people. Our 110’ flat bar continues to set the level for most legit rails to follow and through the years we’ve witnessed kids (literally kids) shred the shit out of it (shed tear of pride).

As time has gone by, and countless untold stories (purposely) have amassed from our visits to KC, we’ve been honored to enjoy the friendships developed. One person in particular is Fritz Heffinger at Scion/Toyota. He’s a true wakeboard enthusiast at heart and continues to support the growth of the activity in the region. This year we’re not only celebrating the 5th year of the Relentless Weekend at KC, we’re also going to take the party on the road and visit the rest of the Midwest cable parks. In true sporting fashion Fritz wanted to make sure our road trip was in style and connected us with a few Scions to make things a bit better then your average crap rental car. Apparently we’ve made a name for ourselves as it relates to our rental car persona….

Fritz: Dude, so here’s the deal.

Alliance: K.

Fritz: I’ve got you a couple cars for the trip.

Alliance: Awesome, you rock.

Fritz: But this isn’t your piece of shit rally van you guys had last year.

Alliance: What do you mean!?

Fritz: Look, one of the cars I’m lending you is a super limited Scion TC Release Series, they only made 2000 unites for 09. So all that shit you guys do to your rental cars is not an option and this particular unit is managed by my boss.

Alliance: So what you’re saying is out of sight out of mind???

Fritz: Dude do you want the cars or not?

Alliance: Fritz…

Fritz: WHAT?

Alliance: We love you man.

The weekend is ready to kick off. Shawn Watson, Tom Fooshee, and James Balzer, along with the rest of the LF crew arrived today to give the park a shakedown and Jeff McKee is out here with us to do a special addition of The Dustpan. Look for more updates over the weekend during the event.

BTW, we went a Gwar show…