August 24th, 2010 by alliance
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Austin Hair and Nick Jones travel to Kentucky to enjoy some smooth water on the Rough River. Chicken not included.

Austin Hair and Nick Jones travel to Kentucky to enjoy some smooth water on the Rough River. Chicken not included.

21 Responses to “Kentucky Fried”

  1. why? Says:

    I never comment on here but that had to be the gayest thing I have ever seen. Come on alliance I thought you were better than that… What is this wakeworld?

  2. haha Says:

    “half pike skateboard ramp”

  3. dude Says:


  4. Reeder Says:

    best captions ever.

  5. John Adams Says:

    0 for 3 is right

  6. cereal? Says:

    This would be a banger vid on! like a season ender vid! you should re think about posting gay stuff like this.

  7. Danny Says:

    wow… can someone tell austin he is not funny and he just looks a like a dum@#$…. Come on alliance. I come here to see sweet stuff not Austin Hair dancing around like a kook

  8. Bryan Says:

    This is Gay

  9. shredvolution4Lyfe Says:

    kook fest

  10. shredder Says:

    I would rather throw up three times looking at Horan than look at Nick Jones’ perm again.

  11. oooo Says:

    damn that one really backfired on ya didn’t it guys… HALF PIKE baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. Aerial Supremacy Says:

    Have they outlawed shirts in Kentucky? There wasn’t one shirt to be found in that whole video.

  13. jeffmckee Says:

    And the streak rolls on…looks like check out tv is officially “checking out” of

  14. jonathan Says:

    wow that was so cool. austin can you hand someone the camera so they can film you talking everyday and put in on here cause i am so stoked!

  16. J Says:

    I wonder if websites ever post videos online for comedic value? Hmmm… but has that ever been done before?? Is it possible? No!…no-definitely not.

  17. yawnnnn Says:

    topless interviews with the biggest douchebags in wake.. sweet alliance.

  18. wtf Says:

    What is with the child getting violently thrown off the boat at the beginning.

  19. Bob Soven Says:

    I thought this video was wonderful my mind just interpreted it a little differently.
    Guy “Yea, we got 40 x 60 man boobs”
    The Hair “This place was my wet dream”
    Julian “Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha’olam”
    Nick “Im so pissed austin didn’t come to my sleepover”
    Matisyahu “please stop using my songs”

    P.S. Dont throw around little Ginger kids! I got their backs.

  20. Ralph Says:

    I’m new to the whole wake industry, but after reading these comments one quote comes to mind

    “To have to despise something in order to respect something else is a sign of impotence.” – Paul Strand, 1917

  21. Yorr Says:

    american wakeboarders seem unhappy, in canada we enjoy this sport and appreciate good riding.


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