April 21st, 2010 by alliance

Kevin Henshaw’s got a new floating rail. Peep it.

Video by Collin Harrington

Kevin Henshaw’s got a new floating rail. Peep it.
Video by Collin Harrington

12 Responses to “Kevin Henshaw’s New Rail”

  1. Rufio Says:

    pretty lady…

  2. qjeezy34 Says:

    sick riding! That rail is awesome! I wanna hit it!

  4. CMoore Says:

    Lovin that shape!

  5. Zak Stone Says:

    SICK Kevin!!! great work Collin!

  6. gw Says:

    killed it

  7. dirty delta Says:

    wakeboarding needs to step up the slider game. when are places actually going to put rails not boxes. anybody can slide a 1 foot or 2 foot wide box i feel that cable parks need to progress and also pros need to start building rails and try and push the cable aspect of the sport
    and make it more legit.

  8. nate perry Says:

    yeah bro that was sick. tap tap taparoooo

  9. nate perry Says:

    hey dirty delta last time i talked crap about someone for having fun i was in the 3rd grade. grow up duche bag. im soo sick of people hating on things. i bet you cant even do a back lip or even oli more than 2 feet. suck it. and also consider the fact that wakeboarders go 24 miles an hour. chill out.

  10. dirty delta Says:

    Last time i checked i was not talking crap or hating I was just stating my opinion on a certain aspect of wake boarding. Why are you trying to start this internet battle, don’t criticize me for talking crap when you doing it in a much worse way. To me it seems that you may need to grow up, what gives you the right to call me a douche bag and judge me based on one opinion that i have. I know they are having fun thats the point, when did i say that it was bad to have fun, you need to chill out. It is also super cool to call someone out on how bad they are at wake boarding when you have no clue who they are, so you sir can suck it.

  11. nate perry Says:

    true true. my b. i guess i did over think it. It just really pisses me off when people hate on wakeboarding. there are legit hand rails out there. tho. check out the set up for nokia fise, and the set up for reb bull wake the line. the 2010 set ups there pretty sick. and i guess i didnt need to call you a duche either.

  12. myles Says:

    sick video, whats the name of the song?


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